Not receiving the rank 152 reward in halo infinite

I heard in 2020 about the rewards you would get in halo infinite by reaching rank 152 in halo 5. It said specifically that anyone who reached 152 before halo infinite’s release would get the rewards. From winter 2020 to summer 2021 I grinded halo 5 and put hours into it. I eventually reached max rank in halo 5 on September 5th 2021.

I was really excited that infinite’s multiplayer was releasing today. After installing it and loading in, I was expecting to see my rewards in the armor haul, weapon bench, and in the player ID sections of the customization menu. However, I did not find any of the rewards I thought were promised.

Is this an issue or bug? Or is it that I didn’t get it in time? I’m genuinely confused and frustrated since I feel like I wasted all of that time grinding for nothing. If anyone can answer me please do.


I second this. Some Youtubers reportedly received Waypoint notification with a redeem code for their 152 reward. My first thought is that they’re rolling it out gradually, but I assumed I’d have it by the time the multiplayer went live.


I also obtained SR 152 in early august, and I did not receive mine… Hopefully this gets fixed because that took forever.


Did you get it already?
I did not got m,ine yet.
Unlocked mine in January this year

Some of my friends got it, I am still without.