Not receiving exp?!?!?!

Last 5-6 games i have played, I have had no exp awarded. The after game exp counter has vanished.

Anyone else having trouble???

you hit the daily XP cap

didnt know there was one? :S

Don’t feel bad I did the same thing today. I never max out EXP, so I didn’t even know what it looks like when you do. I kept expecting some sort of red flag, but apparently it’s just staring at the screen wondering why my Spartan and EXP bar are gone.

Oh well. I kind of just took it as a “maybe you should go outside some more” message. No more exp today, might as well get productive.

Hey, did your screen go glitchy? cause I’ve hit the cap and there usually is a screen that tells you you’ve gotten to the limit for the day. I wasn’t getting my xp a couple hours back either.

It’s annoying, but it’s better to have the cap. The game will last a lot longer for people who play non-stop.