Not receiving CR while still within Daily Limit

I’m not receiving cR from any type of game and i am 100% sure I have not hit any limit. I did not see a message saying I was cR banned and have not done anything that would cause myself to be banned. The weird part about this, is the credits still show as going to my total, but the total does not move. Usually, whenever I hit the cap, the cR turns to +0 before it is added. Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

it happend to me to as well and i really dont think i hit credit cap either i think there may be some type of server error or something who knows

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It’s due to them trying to fix the credit cap. Something went wrong as the cap is still 120k. However it still shows numbers adding but does not add them. Additionally you cannot gain commendations once this happens. As of now there is no real way to avoid this until it is fixed by 343.