Not receiving bonus XP from first matches of the day

Hi, I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but my first matches everyday never seem to give me the XP bonuses (like mùy daily 1st match only earns me the challenges completed’s XP but not the 600XP bonus; is that normal ?

I play with the GamePass version of the game (if that matters in anyway)

Thanks in advance!

I don’t remember there being a bonus. Could you elaborate on that?

I’m talking about the XP bonus for first 6 matches, it’s been added on the Nov 30 update if i believe the logs. I may have misunderstood but from what I read the first 6 matchesd played each day should grant a XP bonus; which I’m not receiving after my matches

You Do use the XP boost wrong. You have to Start it before you Start searching for a Match.

If you Start a Match and Then activate the Bonus it does not work :slight_smile:
I had the Same Problem and could figure this out.

@Cipology I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing, unless I misunderstood something.
From what I’ve read online, on multiple platforms, including the patch notes from Halo team and John Junyszek’s own twitter; the first 6 matches played every day are supposed to grant diminishing XP (1st match: 300XP; 2nd match: 200Xp and so forth until the 6th).

Did I misunderstood it and those bonuis XP are linked to a Boost ? Cause I havent seen any mentions of “Boosts”’ needed for them.

The “bonus xp” isn’t an extra thing on top of the daily play challenge. They just increased the base payout for the daily play challenge.

Your first one will give you 300 (it was 50 previously).
The next couple you’ll see only grant 200xp (it was also 50 previously).
Then the daily play challenge drops to only granting 100xp.
I think after game 7 you just get 50xp per game.

So that’s the “bonus”. They increased the payout for the first couple, so it doesn’t really appear as a “bonus”.

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Make sure you aren’t skipping the screen that shows you how much XP you earned after a match. If you skip through it, it can not give you the XP you earned. Its a bug that I have faced since Day 1.

@WhoLikesChicken Ooooooooooooooooh alright then, I didn’t get it that way at all, thanks for the explmanation!
@mr_fobs oh damn, i usually dont skip it, but now i deffo wont at all thanks for the heads up

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