not ranking please help stuck on recruit

on halo 3 my service record says recruit, but in team slayer or rank playlist it has the recruit symbol but a differnt number by it and i hvae no exp: it stil says 0. i do not understand is it my system a bug or what, i just got it a 2 week ago i understand its gonna take time to rank but i should have ranked from recruit by now, im winninig matches, and all but i still do not understnad why im not gaining exp and not ranking. its making me sooo mad. halo 3 is offcialy the worst game ever! so please someone please tell me whats going on.

Someone might have modded your account to have negative exp, in which case you would have to win a lot more matches to get back to 0. I’ve seen people with up to -130,000 exp rarely, usually it’s around -200 so hopefully you didn’t get affected too badly.

this is making me more and more worried to play halo 3 on my favorite account anymore. I like having my 5 Star General. I don’t want to be cheated and have -2000 exp by a modder. All that exp I’ve earned over 7 years being wiped away would be awful.

I won’t say that I didn’t expect halo 3 to break down eventually but never expected something like this would occur. It’s really sad people have to mod other innocent players by taking all their exp away and unfairly giving them -2000 or something impossible to recover from.