Not Playing Fair

Just Played two Rounds Of Team Slayer with the Worst !!! I have ever encountered. Edited by Moderator: Please refrain from targeting specific individuals.
It seems the !!!ing is Getting Worse. I played a Game with a Person Yesterday that !!!ed so Badly his own Team Quit. He Got 32 Kills and my Screen froze up 11 times. I reported Him I will see if they Throw this clown off

Nobody would cheat on somebody as bad as you.

It’s the painful truth.


Its against the forum rules to call people out like this.

So basically, you want someone banned because they’re not as good as some others? That’s real mature.

Although I don’t understand how someone with 32 kills is bad enough to make his own team quit.

my guess since he got 32 kills and was bad you suck. I also predict yall where playing swat

You know what sucks about The TU beta? Everything… from the power of the melee’s to how armorlock is not invincible anymore, everylittle detail sucks. If they are going to do anything they should return it to the way it was and lower the power of grenades.