Not playing as a spartan 3 in mutiplayer is crap

We all ready had to play as nurfed spartas’s in Reach this is a dumb mistake. The spatan IV are ugly!

you will probably be able to customize your spartan so it is not ugly

I believe the S-IV with the mouth-guard in the vidoc would like a word with you, good sir.

Spartan IV’s are stronger than Spartan III’s…

And their will be customization…

Do you really think that is the only helmet??? According to frankie Spartan IV’s are right on par with Spartan II’s.

Actually Spartan IV’s are better than Spartan IIIs
and I think Spartan IIs not sure. So its like playing as a Spartan II again.

OP clearly lacks common sense and the ability to read/think comprehensively.

I might be hatin on some of the changes that they’re making, but imo the new spartans look SIIIIIIIIICK!!!

I bet you won’t even notice the difference when you’re playing

Wow, you are angry to be playing as a spartan iv not due to any sort of gameplay relations, but because you think your character that you can’t even see is ugly. Thank you for your amazingly thought out post op.

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Didn’t you already make this thread, chum?

Diversify your butthurt.

They haven’t fully developed the Spartan IV. I wouldn’t worry much on that. Honestly, the way the spartan moves probably wont be too different from the Chief in the campaign. I’m sure their not going to have a Halo 2, only being able to wear the Mark 6 armor.

You do realise the Spartan 3’s are WORSE than spartan 2’s and Spartan IV’s are most likely better than both?

I don’t get why 343 wants a story in multiplayer.

“We want to explain WHY red spartans fight blue spartans”…?

That sounds so incredibly stupid, but then again it may be the best thing in Halo ever, so I guess we have to wait for more info…

AGAIN :frowning:

I think its a shame that 343i feel that multiplayer requires the presence of Spartan-IVs. Was there ever an issue with the type of Spartan? We’ve had one game with Spartan-IIIs and they’re already being turfed out.