Not offense 343, but these maps are lacking.


343, I’m really sorry, but these maps are lacking a bit. Now, I’m not going to be rude, but I will be critical. Here are the main reason why people are upset about Halo 4 Multiplayer(Cuz campaign is amazing!)

<mark>Reason#1- No UNSC Air Craft Vehicles in Multiplayer:</mark>
<mark>Flying UNSC vehicles were one of the core things abo</mark>ut Halo Multiplayer. On every halo map with flying UNSC Vehicles were always great. People just love them. It creates more use of the map, and it also encourages team work. In a banshee, people go Rambo and kill everyone. Plus, flying is fun

<mark>Reason#2- No Forged maps in multiplayer</mark>
The reason why multiplayer is dyeing in Halo is that there aren’t any variety of maps. In every single playlist, it’s the same old thing over and over. Reach out to the community and find us some maps. There are plenty of talented forges out there. I really like your maps that you created, but 3 major maps are un used. Erosion, Impact and Ravine. The forge maps. So If you want to keep people playing, bring in new maps ( BESIDE DLC!)

<mark>Reason#3- The commmunity isn’t getting their fair share.</mark>
The people who have played halo from the begging (The Veterans) are the core of this game. So there are things we really need.

<mark>1. We need a bit of classic experience in this game.</mark>
I understand with all these new innovation, theses maps won’t be the same. So simply tweak them a bit. For example, Ragnarok. It’s a classic maps that people loved, and it’s great in Halo 4. It’s been perfectly modified to fit the standards of Halo 4. Yet, it still feels like a classic halo maps we all know and love. So 343, you should Have a voting session with small, and big team maps that should return. And the four winners will be added in later

  1. <mark>Connect with the community.</mark>
    Again, there are talented forgers out there, and they only get recognition from their peers. So everyone could know about their maps/other creations, there sould be a contest each week, where people send in their maps, and gametypes, and 5 winners get their maps in. This should also bring back the Idea of Bungie favorites/ 343’s picks.

So, I personally feel that this will help Halo out and hopefully bring back, and attract more players.