Not Nearly Enough Maps


I’m going to be taking break if this is all they are offering.

I think plaza from halo 5 would work well with infinites equipment mechanics.

its a beta, there will be more to come plus forge

Yep and now forge is delayed by a further 3 months, meaning no new user content till 9 months from Dec 8th…
Rough man… rough.

Wonder how much 343i have made from battle pass sales and rank up coins at this point.
Yeah its free to play and im not ungrateful but if i had paid for this, i would be angry.

Do… you have any idea how this process works? You do realize that these games’ assets would have to be ported, retextured for up to 4k standards, ensured they’re compatible, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg? Collision models, lighting, Gods, you name it.

There is much more that goes into porting than, “load map into game from old game” because that is markedly, not how porting works.

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Well to be devils advocate here, a lot of the actual work put into maps is testing/different iteration processes, and so remakes and/or ports do alleviate that somewhat. It saves time because all the devs have to really worry about is capturing how the map looked.


Like did you just hear the word? What do you think port means? Let me put it this way, Heretic is a port of Zealot. Do you think they plugged the old map into the new engine? If so, do you think it’s all texture work?

I will only start caring if they dare to charge us for Map packs. Will riot and protest against it with intense fervor.
If they are updating MP for free over the course of the next decade, littering us with new maps every season, I’m okay with what we have for now.

But game modes need to be added fast. It’s not even hard to add them.

  • Team Snipers
  • Team Heavies
  • Fiesta not being tied to an event
  • King of the bloody Hill isn’t even in the game right now for some reason
  • Territories, which is weird cos we have Total Control for some reason which is basically Territories with extra steps
  • SWAT, which is weird cos how hard is it to spawn everyone with the BR and spawn with no shields
  • Rockets, which again is not hard to add at all, just spawn everyone with rockets.
  • NO INFECTION FOR SOME REASON despite people in Flight managing to tweak it so that Bots spawned with Energy Swords and they could play a pseudo Infection mode.

Yeah the game is really lacking maps and modes.
At the moment it’s fine for me as I’m still having a lot of fun with it but if it remains like this for the entire season I can imagine it’ll get boring quickly.

This is actually why I’m annoyed about the customisation and progression system.

I actually don’t personally care much for customising my Spartan nor for increasing some random progression number but I’m worried that so many people do care that 343 will focus too much attention on trying to fix the progression system which will take resources away from the really important areas such as new maps, modes, weapons etc.

It has basically the same amount of maps as Halo 3 at launch, what are you complaining about?

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20-25 maps is a huge ask. I think we might see that many maps after a few years, but definitely not right away. I’m a huge supporter of remastering older maps and adding them to the game, but even that takes a lot of work and development time.

Just be patient. More content will come.

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Its been 6 years. Expecting more from a game that took twice as long isn’t terribly unreasonable.

TBH I think a big part of the map issue is how similar they look and feel. All 3 BTB maps are in PNW looking areas, just like all the campaign footage. One is human, one forerunner, and one I think banished, but they all feel kinda samey.

Then the arena maps are a bunch of human maps, with one cool forerunner desert one that pops up once in a blue moon.

I didn’t think i’d say it, but I miss the purple covie maps.

I said this in another comment, but the fact we’ve waited 6 years for this game doesn’t mean it’s been in active development for six years. Halo games don’t have 3 year dev cycles, the older games often went into pre-production before the previous game had come out. When they didn’t, say with Halo 2, they only managed to get the games out in that time frame with inhumane levels of crunch. Halo Reach, 4 and 5 all had likely 4 years of development time when you include pre-production.

What was probably going to be Halo 6 was likely already being worked on when Halo 5 came out, but that work would’ve been scrapped when Halo 5 was received poorly. They also directed a lot of their teams to fixing MCC and providing updates to Halo 5, Halo Infinite wouldn’t have gone into active development for at least a year, likely more after Halo 5 came out. Considering they also had to deal with Covid midway through development, made some larger scale engine changes, dealt with management changes and the fact they need to develop for PC as well as console, I think it makes a lot of sense that a normal 4 year development cycle (including pre-production) could stretch to over 5, potentially even 6, for the same amount of content. I have no doubt as well that 343 are creating a cushion of content for the live service to avoid them having to deal with constant crunch to keep up with demand for new content.

If this is Halo Infinite like it will be at launch, I personally would rather go back to MCC. There’s just not enough gametype/playlist choice right now. I really don’t enjoy being forced to play stockpile or Oddball for the 5th time in a row.
This game also eats up CPUs when at lowest settings which doesn’t really make sense.

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Well Infinite will always be inferior to MCC in terms of content. MCC had 2 decades worth of content within it, including DLC’s and all sorts of stuff. Infinite might be comparable in like 5-10 years, but I doubt it.

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You’re right.
I think we should be able choose between slayer and objective gametypes at the very least though right?

Halo 3 launched with 11 maps. Halo reach launched with 9 pvp maps. So Infinite is on par with both of these games at launch. We know more will be added already. I’m not sure where people got the idea that the game is gonna have a ridiculous amount of maps immediately. And for me personally, its all about quality over quantity, and this is definitely the case so far so I am happy.

Man that’s absolutely brutal of true

You want to compare this game to halo 3 and reach. How about halo 5, the most recent entry rather than going back 10-15 years which is so long ago. Standards have changed, gaming has changed, expectations have changed. Thats ancient history by now and we should be comparing to halo 5 instead. Which had 18 maps at launch, double the measly amount found in this game. They’ve taken a major step back in this area, that is undeniable and you are looking for an excuse to let them off the hook.

Same, i will definitely be playing Mcc and other fps games over infinite due to lack of content. It just gets boring so fast even though the gameplay is quite good