Hey, if i do the weekly with a partner on Team scoring, will we still get it. If so, do we need to complete the mission. Thanks


I believe the challenge goes off YOUR score in the game, you need to get 80k points yourself.

You can do it with a partner but if you hit 80k points on the counter, you will only get the challenge, your friend will need to get 80k themselves to get the Weekly.

Hah, you mean 250 right? and i would like to know as well if we can use a buddy.

Me and my buddy did this, we each hit the 250k and the challenge popped. When that happened we just save and quit. I did not have to finish the mission.

To that last guy, what mission did you do?

IIRC the last time we had this “points in Campaign” challenge, it was two main choices:

ONI:Sword base where you hijack a wraith, and do not use the AA gun, but rather use the wraith to knock out Phantoms. They re-spawn until the AA gun is used, so you can get 6-10k per kill, depending on the difficulty and skulls. You have to know how to jack the wraith though.

If you want to go co-op, there’s also the flying mission New Alexandria - you can ignore the story-line, and just shoot Banshees over and over. For flavor, you can take out the occasional Phantom or building turret.

> Hah, you mean 250 right? and i would like to know as well if we can use a buddy.

a buddy and I were doing it last night on New Alex.
250k for each player. Made the mistake of getting combined a score and it didnt pop, so an hour wasted.

My friend Nak3d Eli has provided a tutorial for this challenge for anyone trying to get it quickly. You can complete it in as little as 12 minutes.