not liking the Req packs.

So I’ve been playing halo 5 for awhile now. I was extremely excited about the Req pack system for Warzone. Now though, I am sad by it. All I want is a carbine, sword, and active camo. However, I have gotten every variant of every warthog and more mongooses and saws than you can shake a stick at. I have saved up for gold pack after gold pack but never get more than a warthog. no banshee, tank, wraith, beam rifle etc etc.

just mongoose, warthog, corp warthog, civil warthog, corp civil warthog, tundra wathog, oni warthog, oni civil warthog, saw, saw, needler. warthog.

Active camo is also sad. I was in a warzone map and got active camo (amazingly got it once) and I did not want to waste it. so I crouch walked across the map but was somehow still seen by an enemy player and was shot. so much for walking slow to stay camouflaged.

Stop buying golds and start buying bronze packs. You want to use bronze to unlock all the commons, then move up to uncommons and Silver packs and eventually move to Gold packs