Not liking Reach Multiplayer?

I was wondering if I was the only one who found the Halo Reach replay value very underplayed. Having played Halo 3 and ODST something about reach just has me off.

One I can definitely point out is that the maps are way too similar with the grey Forerunner building blocks all over the place which really dims down the feel of the game. Im used to the big maps which are each unique in their own way from jungle Guardian to desert sandtrap but I have none of those impressions when playing reach besides for a couple maps just taken from the campaign.

Also idc what anyone says I prefer the switchable equipment to amor abilities any day because it feels like when Im in a situation Im not as flexible fighting back as when I can go around the map find a bubble shield or get a lift to get to a location quickly. Id rather it be that little things like sprint and armor lock be automatic for everyone but u use them wisely like using up ur shield energy or something but this new way of game play with the maps idk the campaign is superb but for multiplayer replay value idk if I can say I can see myself playing this for as long as I cud Halo 3 but is there anyone feeling the same vibe from this?

For me Reach has had and still has a lot of replay value. For any Halo game even if I put it down for awhile I eventually always pick it back up and start playing it again.

Idk for me playing maps that dont feel like they hold their own doesnt set up a good feeling and the grey doesnt make me feel any better constantly playing on the similar maps it kills the feeling that Im playing halo rather than some cut and paste mess. Not saying that those maps arnt great once in a while but like on team slayer they are like all u see the same maps over and over again in the forge world.

reach match making has way more replay value to me than halo 3 MM.
I find this for 3 main reasons:

  1. Daily challenges (like new achievements every day)
  2. good net code “BS” moments come from bad mechanics like bloom, and are a rarity, unlike br spread BS in slayer BRs and swat back in H3.
  3. diverse playlists and good maps: maps and gametypes are a large factor in what makes games, reach does not have crappy sandbox variants like halo 3, and the forge world variants are light years ahead of h3 forged maps. Seriously who remembers team doubles on halo 3, vs the good FW maps we have now (uncaged, asylum, treasury, kingdom, synapse, sanctum, select, and cliffhanger) seriously, h3 sandbox cannot hold a candle to reach FW maps.

All in all, reach replay value is many times more than halo 3, however the biggest thing halo 3 had on reach was the double xp weekends. If 343 put up a x2 cR weekend, with fun new gamemodes: the population would double overnight.

One of the things I’ve loved about Reach is the high replay value. Whenever I get bored of MM (which is really rare for me) there’s Firefight. I sometimes try and find fun custom games to play in big parties and I’ll do that for a while. The daily challenges also keep me coming back.

> I was wondering if I was the only one who found the Halo Reach replay value very underplayed. Having played Halo 3 and ODST something about reach just has me off.

Uh, you really don’t want to get me started on this right now. I’m liable to write a thesis paper on the loss of social inertia and the degredation of the development process.

What I will say on this, though, is that even just taking Halo Reach in the most generous terms possible (more of the same) you can’t expect to get the same replay value out of it when you’ve already been privy to it’s highlights before. Team Slayer now is as team slayer always was, on new maps and with a revamped balance of course but the act in itself is still the same.