Not just another spawn complaint post.

Okay…where do I begin?

I started my game of big team battle just as I always do. I ran my usual routine as I always do, on Deadlock. Grab the two plasma grenades and thrusters towards the plasma pistol…but there was something off about it this time.

There was a red dot on my radar. A red dot on my radar 10 seconds into gameplay. I wondered…how is this possible? The game has just started…he’s in my Base already? So I played the rest of my game and proceeded to theater to find out just how he had gotten behind us so quickly. Was there a hidden teleporter? Did he somehow start earlier? None of the above…for he had literally spawned right in our Base. Theater had proven that the rest of his team had spawned in their designated Base, and so had we, but not him.

I’m not usually one to complain about broken spawns etc, but when the initial game launching spawns can be this screwed up it means something has to be fixed. Never have I witnessed an enemy teammate spawning in my Base like this before. This needs to be fixed because this is broken, thank God that the player was useless and couldn’t manage to actually kill us while we were occupied with supplying or something. Nevertheless. This is an issue that needs to be addressed honestly. Awaiting replies from people on the forums and hopefully a 343 rep although I doubt it.

Could be a bug. That has never happened to me. Either that or he is cheating.

I have no idea. Either wat this post was still ignored

No man there’s a messed up spawn point on that map. I’ve seen it happen twice now where a red spartan spawned next to blue base at the start of the match. I’ve also seen a couple of reddit posts about the same issue.