Not got latest update

Ok, so I was playing when the update dropped, my friend was kicked from game for update I wasn’t. Since then I have hard reset my Xbox, twice, as well as switching it off and on again. I have my xbox set to instant on so I thought maybe it downloaded it while it was off? Nope, seeing as there is no build number anywhere on the main menu, I can only assume I don’t have Tuesdays update. (Only way I can tell is that the count down timer on the vote page doesn’t beep)

At this point the only conclusion I can come up with is that 343 don’t have the technical skills required to fix their game, and now they’re just throwing stuff at us to see if it works.

Seeing as multiplayer was the massive 15GB day one patch, why don’t they just rebuild it from scratch, get some proper testing done on it, and release a new 15-20GB patch that’ll replace the old broken one.

How are you even supposed to know if it’s been updated or not? I can’t find anywhere on the thing that tells me about it at all. on my PS4 all you have to do is highlight the game, hit option and check for latest update. If I wasn’t such a big fan of Halo I would sell this thing because it has been nothing but a hassle since I got it.

I was prompted for the update, I started the download and soon after it failed. Also, when I connect to the internet it says my connection is good, but there is a problem on their side. I really am getting tired of fooling with this thing. This thing is a pain.