Not gonna say boycott, but boy do I love cotts

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If youre happy with infinite or even content with 343 and any of their games than this thread isnt for you. I have nothing against you.

This is for the og classic fans that are not ok with 343s versions of Halo.

I know there are many like me that bought Halo 4/5 and supported 343, only because they were Halo games and its impossible for us to miss a Halo game.

But these are not proper Halo games at all. Weve given them 3 tries now to make a game that really looks and feels like Halo and they just cannot do it.

This will be the first Halo game ive never bought. Im not paying someone for destroying something i used to love so much. I bet there are plenty others like me. They do not listen to our feedback or concerns. They listen to money.

The multiplayer will be free, but player base is just as important as sales.

Gentlemen, if youre like me, tired of what 343 is doing, lets all make sure to be playing MCC all through infinite launch. Send them a message.

I want to know what exactly mean “Halo game” because each one add and/or remove things. Not every Halo game is the same, not even the ones from Bungie.

Anyway, you want to boycott 343 not playing a 343 game meanwhile you are playing other 343 game? Because the MCC is from 343 not Bungie.

Everyone who wants to play classic halo can play . Just don’t get infinite and keep playing H3 forever .

I think 343 should boycott BANGHART for life .

343 are the best and I love H4 and H5 and Infinite will be the best ever .

We still haven’t seen enough of it to decide whether it’s worth playing imo. But if the reviews are not great I doubt I’ll buy the campaign

I just miss blood and the flood.

Very tired of neutered Halos for the very young audience.