Not getting XP from Boost

I just finished a game of Warzone Turbo and added an XP boost but it did NOT give me the XP. I used an XP Mission Victory Ultra Rare. I chose the boost during the search for other players before the game started to load. We won the game and the boost points were zero. I only had one type of this card and it is now gone from my inventory. How do I correct this? Will 343 do something if I write to them?

Never happened to me but I found that the XP you get from boosts is a bit irregular in general. I don’t really understand what the system is.

But I did lose boosts over games crashing and they were gone for good so I guess you’ll have to live with it.

The boost will come back to your inventory in a little bit if it didn’t get used.

Ultra rare mission victory is an RP boost, not XP.

RP boost oh man now I feel stupid…