Not getting Warren medals

In Warzone, the screen clearly says I eliminated the warren, I get the legendary medal, but my commendations don’t increase. Anyone else get this problem?

You need to get the last shot on him for it to count on the commendation, you get the boss take down medal just by shooting him once.

Well that makes sense I guess. Thanks

Tanks are quite a good one for this. Or Wraiths. Still down to luck whether someone else pulls the right shot at the right moment but a big gun gives you a bigger window for catching that last shot. Alternatively, get in close with an SMG and hope someone else nearly but doesn’t quite kill with a big shot while you’re firing and try to get the last shot that way. I haven’t found many middle of the road tactics that work for me though, needs to be either a big shot at the right moment or extremely high rate of fire and have someone else misjudge it. Hope that helps give you some ideas!

There is always a huge amount of luck required when taking down a boss. You could shoot with a tank at the last second but if the game counts that single BR shot you may not get the kill.

Wardens are the worst. I was dumping “The Answer” into him today at close range and the enemy got the kill. it’s pure luck. I need 4 more to finish the commendation then no more warden lottery for me. i’ll shoot at the people shooting at the warden instead.

-Yoinking!- Warren.

always gotta get that last shot hahahaaha

SMG or splinter grenade him.