Not getting things i unlock

I bought the limited edition Halo4 Xbox. Fotus armor i can use, but the strider and scanner helmet says i unlock at every lvl :(. To boot now i have unlocked the 2nd variation of Hazop armor and a lot emblems and can’t use them. I unlock them, can’t use them and they are not in my inventory. Can someone help please :).

Gamertag: DRGN
mountain zone

Every time I get a level my game tells me I unlock 26 things none of which are what I actually unlock.

Thank god I’m 127 and it’s almost over.

Lmao. I’m SR 126 now. but still i would like to see the cool things i have unlock. today i saw the UNSC emblem on a player and said to myself “i might have that already, but we’ll never know”. just need to find out how to fix the problem without resetting my account. :smiley: