Not getting the new loadout weapons

So I have all uncommon and rare items except the new rare dmr and smg with the new attachment. I went to buy a silver pack and got req points back. any have an idea why I’m not getting these weapons?

same here…must be a glitch

Having the same issue

Same here. Probably in gold pack pool by a glitch

They’re in gold packs. This has happened with several items in previous updates

This happened to me also, kept getting RP back from Silver packs but I was still missing the new DMR & SMG.
I just went on to buying the Gold packs & then they both unlocked from two of the Gold packs I opened.
It’s probably a mistake, they’re Rare Reqs but they wont unlock from Silver packs only Gold packs.
Someone screwed up somewhere & accidentally threw them into the Gold pack pool.

Ah dam thats going to be a waste of req points if there’re in the gold pool oh well at least its only two weapons