Not Getting Season Points for Leveling Past T.100?

After a long grind, I’ve recently hit tier 100 on the Season 1 progression system. Unfortunately, you do not gain season points after reaching tier 100. Am I correct in thinking that Season points carry over between future and current seasons, given that we were told that every season would always be accessible?

Given that it gets increasingly harder to level up, even past different rank colors (bronze, silver, gold, etc.) Not only do I feel like I no longer have an incentive to play multiplayer or level up, I feel like I’m MOTIVATED to actively AVOID playing multiplayer.

Since I am several levels past the point of tier 100, I have not received any points for leveling up thus far. Will those points be returned to me at a later date? Or are they gone forever? Because if so, what is the incentive to play matchmade multiplayer past the final tiers of various seasons?

I hope I can get a response on this. I’d like to continue to play multiplayer knowing that my efforts to increase my level with more points, but I’m hesitant to do so on the off-chance that I will end up not gaining any.

I have the same issue

Same issue, level-ups give no points, only getting them from challenges.

There are no points for level up in season 2 (only for 100 levels from Season 1: Noble), you have to complete challenges to earn them. It’s not too bad, it’s actually faster, in 2 weeks I have 67/100…

But I agree, there is no incentive to level up.