Not Getting My cR From Challenges

I Have Made Some of my Own Challenges here on the site and I completed them , turned them in, and waited for the time to expire. I have not reach cR Cap and i dont know why I am not receiving my cR. I did forge for a few mins quit and no cR and than I did Grifball game, won the game, as it ended i did not see my cR anywhere. any help or reasons why ? thanks

The cR are awarded within a few minutes of turning-in the challenge - the timer expiry is irrelevant.

The cR award does not feature in any aftergame stats - they just appear on your total.

I think that most times players think that cR have not been awarded is because they expect to see an increase when the time limit expires, but the award has already been made.

To check, create a simple challenge and complete it. Look at your cR total on your profile. Wait a couple of minutes and turn-in the challenge - don’t play any games/missions in the meantime. Within a few minutes you should see the cR increase when you re-check your profile.

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Part 3: Constraints
Part 4: Miscellaneous notes and FAQ


Alright I will try it out and thanks for your help, I’m just new to the challenge thing and this site so thanks for your help :slight_smile:

ive made 2 sets of challeneges completed them yesterday and still havent recieved my Cr.

> ive made 2 sets of challeneges completed them yesterday and still havent recieved my Cr.

Can’t say anything about those - if they show as 1st Place in the history I’d say you got the points. To check, do as I suggest above - complete a challenge, wait a couple of minutes and check your total cR. Then turn-in the challenge, wait a few minutes and check the total again. I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes for the award.