Not getting credit for multi-player achievements

I am new to Halo Waypoint and apologize if this question has been asked and answered (10 minutes of searching did not find anything). I have been playing multiplayer for a few months now and for whatever reason, I have not received two specific achievement which I have “earned” multiple times. Last night, I “earned” both of them again and is what has brought me to making this post.

The two achievements that I have earned but not received are “Both Barrels - Earn a Double Kill with the shotgun in multiplayer Matchmaking” and “Totally Worth It - Earn a Double Kill from the Grave in multiplayer Matchmaking.”.

Can anyone shed some light as to why I am not getting them?

Looking at my Service Record, the game I got the “Both Barrels” achievement was on Team Slayer / Slayer at 12.12.2010 11:48AM | 6 Minutes on Asylum (Forge World). I got a shotgun spree (6 total shotgun kills) and 2 double kills.

The other achivement “Totally Worht It” was done Slayer Pro at 12.12.2010 11:18AM | 7 Minutes on Arena Zealot (Zealot).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Those achievements were added on to the game and i think can only be earned in Noble Map Pack. Were you on Noble Map Pack?

Must be on noble maps.

Thanks. I was having this same problem. I don’t have the map pack but I didn’t know those achievements were added on. I thought they were always there, and so when I got the double kill with the shotgun, and the double kill from the grave, and didn’t get either achievement unlocked, I was kind pissed. Thanks for the tip.