not getting any XP

Okay i was playing spartan ops then i hit my xp limit so i waited a few hours then i started getting xp again but only for one match. then after that one match i am not getting any xp. nothing, i got no messages saying i hit a limit, it was only one match and i only got 4011 points. like seriously i need help figuring out why i cant get xp because its pretty frustrating like the xp bar does not even appear. also i tryed restarting my xbox and taking the disc out and puting it back in and even turned it for for a few hours but nothing works. thx

343 wants to limit how much you play, just wait till tomorrow.

Im sorry to say this dude but u get xp again after midnight i tried dash boarding, restarting my xbox when it happened to me the 1st time but i got xp again after midnight i know the xp cap limit is bs i stopped getting xp like 4 hours ago… and it happened right before i was about to rank up to 44 after one match… im not happy about it…

well the thing is its not the limit thing. i know its not because it started to let me get xp again and never said that i hit my limit after i started getting xp again

yea its hella gay im leve,l 45 and i watn to get to level 50 but damn i freaking hate the level cap

It’s a daily XP limit, so once your clock hits midnight you will be able to earn XP again.

Whatever happened to allow you XP for that one game was either a glitch or a fluke. You should not have gotten that XP.