not gaining exp?

I have been playing halo 4 alot recently and all of the sudden i have stopped gaining any exp from any games i play. I havnt cheated or modded ext but im stuck on level 35 with 5244 exp, its kind of getting annoying now, any ideas?

you probably hit the xp cap like me but i only got 25,000 xp for today and it capped me… im seriously disappointed in this game and i want compebsation for wasted time

what… they added a exp cap that low… wtf? also its past 12 in the uk so why aint it reset for me

Do you get the XP screen after games?

How are you missing that HUGE WHITE BOX that says you’ve reach the xp limit?


nope im not getting exp box after the games and there aint a HUGE WHITE Box…

I have the same problem.

I don’t get the exp screen after games.

its bull =/ what is the cap if there is one? and when does it end, like what time for what countries


im also not earning exp… i just played 21 games of ops with friends. i also dont get a message saying i have reach the limited. and at the end of the game it just skips the exp screen. it has also reach past 12pm. whats with this game. i miss a big exp gain from finishing my sniper kills.

just missed the 17k+ credits for the 117 wins. this is ridiculous. also no xp cap screen.