not fun.

Before I begin I would just like to say that this is all my opinion and I’m writing this on here to express my views on halo 5 and to see if others agree. So, I would like to begin by saying I’m a huge rumble pit fan, but in Halo 5, there is literally only slayer. I bring this up because they decided to take out all of the things that made rumble, rumble. Such as KOTH, Regicide, Oddball, Headhunter, etc. That is just one example on how they removed the fun factor from Halo, you can’t even go into a normal game of team slayer without getting dominated by a 4 stack or even good old fashioned swat. I don’t get why they didn’t put social versions of swat, rumble, etc. They turned the most played game modes into the sweatiest places imaginable with people only caring about winning and getting higher ranks. I understand people are good at the game and want to good I really do, but there is literally no breathing room in any of the game modes. Especially with the thruster pack it makes every single engagement the most sweaty and fast paced thing, to where you can’t have fun in it, everyone is basically trying their hearts out there is no room for any slight error you ALWAYS have to be in a sweaty mood even in super fiesta where clans ghandi hop and crouch strafe in it in a game thats meant to be fun. I guess what I’m trying to say is Halo 5 is strictly catered to the competitive community, arena wise, and the thruster just over complicates things to where you have to be on adderall just to do remotely good. Now you can easily say “oh you’re just bad at the game get good everyones just better than you”, I know I’m not the best at halo 5, I’m more skilled in Reach and 4 I believe, but my opinion still stands that Halo 5 is just… sweaty and catered to the competitive community.

It’s most likely feeling like a sweaty game because the matchmaker is matching you with people more closer to your skill level which means the game is not going to feel as relaxed since you can’t stomp on someone of much lower skill. I also don’t really agree with your reasoning. Having a thruster pack can cause disorientation, but it’s always been the person using it or crouch strafing/Ghandi hopping that makes the game sweaty; not the game mechanics or the map. It was no different in previous Halo games as well which I think you would classify as more casual based. One example is Reach’s Rumble Pit where I played against countless tryhards doing what you described even though that playlist was social and had objective gametypes in it. There have always been sweats in social playlists, but you’re likely playing with them more than you would have in previous games.

I do agree that I wish there was a social FFA playlist, but that wouldn’t make the game feel less competitive unless they loosen up the skill matching.

Just like Lukepowa wrote, the games are most likely closely matched in skill leading to tough matches for you.

I also have to add an experience of mine. Whenever I happen to play social playlists I put nowhere nearly as much effort in them as I do in Team Arena. I just talk about random stuff with my friend and just play but I still sometimes get good ol’ rage messages about tryharding and so on. The point is that what you may perceive as tryharding and sweating just might be half -Yoinked!- playing for the opponent.

it’s pretty competitive, I don’t play arena much. I like warzone vehicle play.

EDIT: Actually Warzone is bad too, I keep getting matched vs parties of nerds in their little companies. Can’t I play solo in peace?