not fun things

  1. Grenades are now worthless. Indicator, movement speed and jump height make getting killed by grenades nearly impossible. Kills the Halo trifecta of melee, guns, grenades.
  2. Capture the Flag. Not being able to drop the flag and instant flag pickup both need to go.
  3. Ordinance destroys everything that is Halo: map controlling the power weapons.
    $. Maps are way to big. Hard to find baddies.
    6.No Mauler
  1. They’re not mini-nukes so I’m happy.
  2. I don’t care, I’m tired of hearing “Flag Taken, Flag Dropped, Flag Taken, Flag Dropped, etc.” all the time when my team takes the flag and they want to move faster.
  3. It would help people who are losing possibly get a chance to come out on top in my opinion.
  4. Use sprint or a vehicle. And it should not be a problem on a majority of the maps. What gametypes are you playing?
  5. Use a Boltshot.