*Not Fixed* Halo Spartan Assault Achievements

I am currently ATTEMPTING to play Halo Spartan Assault for the Xbox 360. All was fine until yesterday about midday. It was then that whenever I attempted to play it would disconnect me from xbox live, but only while I was in-game. Now I have the 12 achievements that I earned yesterday, but the inability to view them in my dashboard or anywhere else. It also will not let me obtain any more achievements in the game. Having played the windows 8 version prior, this is a huge disappointment to have a day 1 bug like this. I’ve already attempted deleting and reinstalling, but to no avail. Fix it 343, and do something right for once.

My ‘fix’ worked for a day, after restarting and playing today, nothing works again.

I too am having difficulties unlocking achievements on my main account. I can’t unlock “Powered by Mjolnir” and “Weapon of Choice”, despite doing the requirements twice. Also I am not being awarded any star for mission D-4, despite completing it 6 times, 2 of which were gold stars.

Hi, Alpha Squadron. Looks like you’ve already posted in the primary thread, so I’m locking this one to prevent redundancy and keep things organized. If you have additional information to offer about this issue, please utilize the central thread. Thank you in advance.