Not feeling it. Halo 5 was better

Did a little of the campaign never fired up the MP.

For me I am loving the gunplay but again havent payed Halo MP since like 2 or 3.

Infinite getting rid of spartan change and making thrusters a pick up makes it better than Halo 5 alone.


Other than the progression system and customization I think it’s one of the best Halos. The gameplay is very smooth and they really outdid themselves with the new abilities. I’ve pulled some crazy stunts with the grapple hook and dash, it just takes getting used to it. You might think H5 is better since it’s more polished but Infinite hasnt even officially released yet. Gotta give it some time brotha, its lots of fun.

I’m sorry I didn’t make it clear that the last part refers to Infinite. And I’m going to stand by H5 matchmaking being poorly received. The good stuff there was too little, too late.

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The Shock rifle, Disruptor, Bulldog, the Ravager - cutting room floor weapons. These would get axed before launch in the hands of any competent developer. They’d say "gee, this Bulldog is just a worse Shotgun, this Ravager does nothing the Brute Shot and Fuel Rod gun can’t do better (which is kill the opponent, in most cases) this Disruptor is just another weak pistol nobody will pick up willingly, this Shock Rifle is just a weaker and less interesting version of the human sniper, and the only utility it offers is something that was taken from another weapon which now has no niche.

There are now multiple high recoil spam weapons in close range that largely fit the same niche because they can’t kill instantly (AR/Sidekick/Sentinel Beam/Bulldog/Heatwave/Needler)

The Banished have THREE sniper weapons that are extremely inaccurate in close range and are next to useless in small arena maps, making them not only redundant, but the AR/Sidekick completely invalidate them in 4v4 where they have no space to work with.

It’s actually shocking that we ended up here with the sandbox.

Nah, honestly I always thought Halo 5’s gunplay was a little garbage. Infinite is light years better. You probably just miss Halo 5’s extremely aggressive aim assist.

Throwing my vote in that I prefer Infinite much more over 5. Infinite has its issues but I’m sure a bunch of the stuff will be worked out and I’m having enough of a blast that I can wait and still keep playing until then.

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