Not feeling it. Halo 5 was better

343 this should be the only thread you should ignore since the rest of the Halo community actually love themselves

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matchmaking is the difference. infinite is simple to understand. it brings the community together and requires less teamwork (not no teamwork) to be effective compared to 5.

But in the waypoint news update from 343 when they released this, they said that this was the full Day 1 playlists and modes…

I feel your feelings are off then. Halo 5 most definitely wasn’t better, objectively speaking.

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I wasn’t much of a fan of Halo 5, but the Mythic playlists were pretty fun, and I’d much rather go play those than this, because that still feels like classic Halo, whereas Infinite doesn’t; IMO.

Consistency seems to be a problem with a few companies nowadays. Finding out what works and improving things from there. I mean, it’s common sense that these companies don’t seem to have anymore.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t a few devs move over from Bungie to 343 that have worked on Halo prior to 343 taking over?

Now, let’s be real here and look at reality. Each game from Halo 4 to now has been different. How can a company work on a project this many years and not figure out what works for the game and not know their player base to an extent by now???

343 needs to stop constantly changing the game and actually listen to what the player base is actually saying. Right now if most of you would be honest with yourself. There is no excuse for this game to be so poorly designed as it is.

I’m sorry people but Hype doesn’t cut it anymore these days, action does, and right now 343 has shown by their actions that they are not interested in hearing anyone “feedback”, becase if they were listening, and actually (hearing) the feedback, they would have applied what worked for Halo over the years to this game, and the shop would not be guiding the direction this game is heading right now., and that is not a good thing all.

No more excuses, 343 has had since 2009 to figure this out.

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Nah, I like the game play of Infinite way better. The equipment pick ups are way better than armor abilities. As far as gun play I think most just aren’t giving it enough of a chance. All Halo games takes quite a bit of game play to get used to the changes. I just wish the progression was like MCC where xp is medal based and challenges are for bonus xp.

Eh I wouldn’t agree but I did love halo 5 multiplayer as well but I’m loving infinite too I miss some things from 5 but overall I’d say I prefer infinite but surely do miss 5s aiming

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And I’m talking purely gameplay here

I don’t miss the 5 million spartan abilities you had to use every match, but yeah pretty much everything else was better in Halo 5. Mainly the gun balance.

Yeah this game is honestly just trash, they focused more on the competitive side of the community and are money hungry with the armor. They really messed up.

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Are you on drugs? And if so, what drugs are you on to make Halo 5 good?

Halo Infinite feels great on controller and Mouse and Keyboard, really can’t wait for the story to release and go through it with friends when Co-op is released, I have played halo since its release in 2001, and can surely say that Halo 5 has been the worst entry into the series. Halo wars 1 and 2 are better than Guardians.

Try change my mind.

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No offense pal but the Halo community itself doesn’t know what it wants - as a dev, you’ll never be able to satisfy 100% of your community, on the contrary, you can be happy if a bit over the half is happy.
Especially if we’re talkting Halo community.
Wayyy to divided.

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See, this is where I have to disagree.

Just saying, I’ve heard what you’ve said with different communities. It’s just a matter of what director is leading a game, and if they are in touch with the player base or not.

This post and the answers make no sense.

Halo 5 was not a Halo game, it was just awful on very single point and played like a CoD or Titanfall game.

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Besides Ground Pound, and Spartan Charge. I do miss 5’s multiplayer. It felt like Combat was Evolving. In this game, while I’m glad the Assault Rifle is viable, it’s really good at all ranges in this game, and then nobody really aims with the Sidekick it’s become the Primary spamming then spray and pray with the AR.

yeah, there’s like no reason to drop the starting weapons. be it for the BR or commando, or any of the new weapons unless they’re explosive. honestly infinte’s multiplayer sandbox suuuucks, worst of the lot. not just in terms of numbers… but in terms of redundancy and uselessness. Infinte doesn’t feel like any past game, rather it’s own thing… and it’s trash. halo 4/5 had a better multiplayer in my oppinion


I don’t get what you’re saying. Are you confusing Halo 4 and 5? Because Halo 5 had no loadouts and also had power weapons at fixed map points. And both Halo 5 and Halo Infinite have no limited sprint.

He’s confusing 4 with 5.

5’s MP was well received.

I know it’s 5 am where I am, but I had to double check that I didn’t doze back off and this is a bizarre dream.

There’s a lot at play including a nuanced approach to the weapon sandbox like varied bullet magnetisms, reticle sizes (plays a huge role in weapon roles and understanding), transition from hitscan to projectile (and varied projectile speeds between weapons giving many weapons range properties). Combat is super tight, you’re simply not used to an updated Halo 3 style of combat.

This isn’t a dig, it’s just stating that you need to adjust your approach to the game, there is a huge difference between between Halo 5 combat and Halo Infinite combat. I recall Halo 5 being a fast paced, fast ttk title where skirmishes where determined within a few seconds, Infinite slows things down a bit giving you a bit more time to react and counter. You have a few more seconds now, take time to retreat or find a better vantage or pace your shots a bit.