Not feeling it. Halo 5 was better

whats worse there is no Swat, infection, or FFa like wtf 343…


Not gonna lie… I think I slightly prefer Halo 5 too.

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy Infinite a lot but I still think I preferred the feel of gunplay/shootouts in Halo 5.

Main things I prefer about Halo 5.

Aiming - aiming your weapons simply felt better in Halo 5. I very rarely struggled to track targets and my accuracy was usually above 50%

Ranking system - the ranking system seemed better in 5. You could easily see from the scoreboard what everyone’s rank was in your game and ranking seemed to move a lot more. This new system seems impossible to rank down so it doesn’t really feel rewarding when you rank up.

Stats - where are the stats? I can’t see my KDA, win percentage, medals earned, overall accuracy etc. This is a big thing for me as stats have always been a big part of Halo. Dunno why they’ve completely removed them from the game and from Waypoint?

Playlists - why so few options? Where are all the other fun modes? Why can’t we pick just Slayer? Why no 2v2? No FFA/Lone Wolves? SWAT? Infection?


I understand where you’re coming from, and while I disagree i do have some issues with the game.

I’m always rubberbanding on the xbox one version of the game (be it my internet or the game itself) and i crash sometimes but never too often.

Personally, love the gameplay, just lag that’s a problem, but i get it’s not for everyone.

Then I can really use your upvote in my ‘Please balance the Sidekick in such a way that it works on both M&K and Controller’ in the Halo Infinite forums. Sorry, I am not allowed to post links. Otherwise I would’ve done that.



That will probably be added to the game after the Beta.

Infinite is already better than the whole of halo 5 and we only have a limited multiplayer. Give it a few months and see where the game is then!

Just saying I did like halo 5!

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That’s not what it should be you’re saying you need to improve on game that has bad aim, weapon damage, bloom mechanics??? Lol cmon now…

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I don’t know….Halo 5 was the most poorly received chapter to date and with good reason.

IMO this is way, way better. I have been a harsh critic of a few things like map design in particular but the core gameplay of Infinite is excellent.

Limited sprint, no loadouts, and power weapons at fixed map points really seem to capture that classic Halo feel for me. Throw in some more imaginative maps with forerunner architecture and I’m there.

I’m not really a fan of the game being so sweaty either. I think they need to lean into the fun aspect a little more. It’s easy to make something that’s fun more sweaty, but much harder to make something sweaty fun.

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Its definitely an evolution of 5 but more Halo by slowing it down.

Even the magnum had strange detection. You can literally aim with the outer ring of the reticle itself. There were tons of issues with h5 that never got fixed. Heavy aim, blank shots, blank melee, all that stuff. It felt good when the servers worked and had a good match but it was plagued by issues.

5 had fun feeling movement imo, and a thruster that made the gun fights feel a sense of exciting…but under closer scrutiny you begin to realize that thrusters serve as a random variable if they’re there by default for everyone and is also the cause of such high bullet magnetism and aim assist. You engage a fight and have literally 8 paths of trajection to choose (up down left right and each diagnol) from when you thrust and your opponent just has to slap the stick whichever way you randomly decide to go. Granted most people did the same jump left thrust right or vice versa, It becomes evident in infinite just how much people relied on that. This game doesn’t even have thrusters in it by default spawn ability and so many people have a tough time tracking a strafe. Which is awesome. Like there isn’t even a need for that extra mechanic outside of it being a power item to control and take advantage of without breaking the game.

The sprint thrust slide jumps, knee cap jumps, stabilize jumps, spring jumps, spring thrusts…all those jumps that yea…they felt fun to do, also are just unnecessary to the general flow of the game. Some of those jumps broke the flow of the maps way too much, but the advanced movement was probably never Intended to be used that way and the amount of pressure you can do in that game by just rotating spawns over and over by being too fast for the game to spawn someone in the right space was pretty game breaking. I had plenty of onyx games where thats all we did the entire match.

I played each halo a lot when they came out and had plenty of fun in 5 with friends. Right now I can honestly say I’m really happy halo infinite has its own identity, and although you can feel and see the inspiration within it generating from across all the games, remains its own form of halo that really feels halo. Just my 2 cents. 5 is still available for anyone who wants to play it in the unfortunate case that they hate infinite. People like what they like, and I of course can’t fault anyone for just liking 1 halo more than the next. Most of us do.


I forgot about the Spartan charge! I found myself wanting to do ground pound at one point. Felt like something was missing, as if I could have done it before but wasn’t sure. I had a 30/70 love-hate relationship with those.

I agree that H5 was more fun. There are a lot of minor gripes I have with Infinite, but overall it just isn’t fun to me. It’s not what I’m looking for in a Halo game. Looks like I will be sitting this one out just as soon as I get all the achievements.

Imo infinite has a limited but better sandbox. Theres 2 things im mad about though:

-grenade jumping is more or less gone. It was in 5 too but at least 5 had some hover tech to boost it

-They massacred the hydra. Coolest weapon in 5, pulling 90 degree corners to kill locked enemies, now is just a worse rocket launcher whose homing doesnt work. Its like they forgot how they designed the weapon.

I feel that HI, is better than H5, because it brings back the H3 feel of Matchamking but with improvements. With the exception of Reach, as 343 took over the project, 343 has yet to release an MP experience that we all, old players and new, can truly enjoy. I’ve been playing Halo for well 20 years, and feel the worst Halo game that has come out that not only had a horrible story but MP was downright gross was H5, and trust me I logged some hours into it thinking it would get better and it didn’t.

I would rather play a beta than go thru another H5 release, or hell even another MCC release where nothing worked. Many of us OG players loved how Bungie did MM on H3, and Some newer gen folks liked how it was done in MCC. But you have to ask yourself this.

Does the Matchmaking need work?
Of course, that’s why it’s in Beta right now.

Do we have all the features we want?
No because the game is still in Beta and 343 is trying to make sure that when it fully releases it goes smoothly.

Will everyone like Halo Infinite?
No, but if you are a Halo Fan I suggest waiting till 12/8 for Full release and giving it a try then.

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H2A should have a full game devoted to its brilliance. It would have made a great H4.


WRONG! Sorry man, but you’re totally wrong.

Guns were miles better in H5 than what they are in infinite, every weapon in that game feel reliable somehow and were decent enough to get kills with them. Unlike infinite which most of them are beyond useless. Specially covenant weapons.

I miss the DMR and the shotgun already.


I much prefer infinite tbh. I liked how 5 played but I felt like it strayed too far away from what made halo, halo. Got to remember it is still technically a beta. Once they add more game modes and let you actually pick what mode you want to play etc it’ll be much better. Oh and sort the -Yoink!- battle pass :rofl:

Gotta be honest, I don’t understand how some people hated Halo 5 but love Infinite multiplayer.

I loved H5 MP, hated the Campaign and wasn’t a huge fan of the art style, but the core gameplay really felt like the modern Halo 343i were talking about. It was distinct from H2 and H3 but retained the arena roots and had a very well balanced sandbox and was amazing for competitive play.

Infinite is fun but feels like the same thing watered down. Slower movement, no thruster built in, the BR is a great utility weapon but I genuinely think the best utility weapons have been the Halo 3 projectile based BR and the H5 pistol in terms of skill gap and enjoyment factor. Equipment is the best thing they’ve brought back. It’s brilliant.

Trades are also way easier to get in Infinite because it’s harder to get out of 2v1s, due to us not starting with thrusters.

Infinite is good but like I said, H5 is still the 2nd best Halo MP for me after Halo 3.

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As someone who greatly prefers classic Halo to Halo 5, I definitely like Infinite’s MP much better. Halo 5 felt like a completely new game compared to the original trilogy, in my opinion. This feels like a compromise between old and new that I can enjoy. I can convince myself in Infinite that I’m playing a real successor to Halo 3; I could not do that in Reach, 4, or 5 because their core design and gameplay was too divergent.

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