Not feeling it. Halo 5 was better

Anyone else love Halo 5 MP but just isn’t feeling Infinite MP?

This isn’t even battle pass or monetization that’s putting me off. It’s just the gameplay… it’s just not enjoyable.

Halo 5 felt so much more balanced and tight. Like every weapon was tuned to near perfection.

In Infinite, I feel like half of my shots aren’t doing any damage when they connect. Something just feels off.


The aim assist being lowered and constant bugs in this game does mess it up for me a little bit but gameplay wise this game has been fantastic like a nice mix between halo 5 and 3. Albeit at this point in time I remember I was enjoying H5s MP more than now but it had less bugs tbh


I think for me Halo 5’s gunplay feels so much better because of the awesome ragdoll system the game had.

Halo Infinite feels too much like Halo 4 with all the canned death animations. They have even reused the same animations from Halo 4 and I’m just really not feeling it.


I feel H5 all over this, but its toned down a lot & I am a huge fan. When I have the boost/ dash I am having a wonderful time lol.


So far, I highly prefer 5 over Infinite. The assault rifle is way OP. I miss the thrusting in 5 too. While overly abundant grenades have been a thing in halo in the past, it feels more prominent. Like, can we actually try shooting each other? If im not getting naded, I am getting meleed (which needs a longer cool down). People definitely shoot, but I exaggerate to make a point. A lot of people feel insanely accurate too. It feels like some players aren’t getting scoped out when I hit them, because their accuracy doesn’t seem to decline any when I land a shot. I know no scoping can be done, even from fairly long distances, but it has its limits.


Halo 5 was so plagued with technical issues for me I physically couldn’t play it for almost 6 months. Personally, I prefer this lol


Skipped Halo 5 cause the campaign sucked from what I heard and saw on YouTube , the artstyle was not Halo, and all that movement was too much. I rather Halo 3, Reach and 2 anniversary.


I’m hoping on your last point that this could be fixed by the 8th because it’s rampant right now and if it’s fixed we could have a decent game on our hands but it’s hard to tell with the underwhelming sandbox….

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It’s a bit early in the dev cycle to give up on the game I would think. I’m still trying to figure out how to shoot straight. It will take a lot of time for me to get to a comfort zone with Infinite. Learning curves on these new versions take years for me. This one feels a LOT different, to the point that I really cannot keep up with the gameplay at all. Couple years from now I’ll be okay. Just takes some patience on my part.

You have no friendly fire to thank for that

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I’m mainly playing ranked, so I’ll speak on ranked. The weapons feel really good when you understand what to use them for, what their role is. The game doesn’t feel unbalanced to me.

Halo 5 was a very fun game with a lot of depth to it’s mechanics but had some broken aspects of its basic aim and shoot system. Just look at the stupid shots you can hit with the sniper rifle in that game as an example.

As far as infinite goes…the BR is sometimes annoying because a round from your 3round burst can miss sometimes, or from a few of your shots. It leads to you believing you hit a 4 shot when you may not have. So there’s a sense of "where are my shots going " at times. I totally get that.

Personally…I would have loved a 1 round per shot weapon to alleviate that feeling I just mentioned, but still have the same cadence of the BR. I really like this game so far. Has a bit of adjusting to get past tho if you played the heck out of 5.


I think 5 is better.

As for the sniper sure maybe it had strange detection but that would go for everyone playing.

I agree the superior physics of 5 made it feel more “next gen” and realistic than this one whereas Infinite feels more arcadey.


Say what you want about Halo 5’s story, it sucked, REQs were invasive & customization was desperately lacking.

But the gameplay? really enjoyable and only got better with each update, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the multiplayer.


Not for me, only sprint feel strange for me on infinite, don’t know it’s weird it’s like the speed doesn’t really change, like I’m sprinting in slow-mo xD, as for the others aspect except the Pass and xp stuff, I really like what they’ve done, particularly the weapons, I feel like any weapons are useless.
Well I missed the h5 permanent dash but it’s OK I like changes for a new game

This is the best Halo I’ve played since h3. No cap. I’m playing literally anytime I can. Love this game. Every weapon is good if you learn it’s purpose. I get hella cindershot kills, mingler, pulse carbine, disruptor kills. The only weapon I struggle with is the pistol and the stalker rifle. But I’m almost there with the stalker. I drop the sidekick any chance I get lol. I just think it’s too hard to you. It’s easier weapons to kill with


I’m really enjoying infinite but I do have to admit I miss a lot of aspects from H5. In my opinion the gunplay with the magnum felt more rewarding and exciting then AR/SK/BR and Warzone was an amazing mode to have the sandbox in the palm of your hand (MTX aside) in comparison to the current version of BTB.

However I trust infinite will become a far better game long term. Ranked with its current settings has great potential and in the upcoming years with forge and sandbox expansions well truly all be able to play halo just like we individually want.


H5 has been out for 6 years and has had time to improve. Infinite has been out for a week.


This is the best MP since H3
Do I have issues with it? OhhhHhhhhh yeeeah…
That said I am throughly enjoying this iteration of Halo


I miss the Halo 5 magnum and thrusters, but I really don’t miss ground pound and spartan charge.

And yeah I really, really hate the unbalanced Sidekick (great on M&K, horrible on controller) and how bad the battle pass progression and challanges are.

But I also feel, Halo Infinite will eventually get there. Since this is a game they want to pursue for 10 years and we’re only in the Beta version of the game. Maybe this game will get so big that Halo 5 and the MCC will get absorbed into Halo Infinite. That in a year or so you can just play a Halo 5 playlist inside Halo Infinite. :smiley: Maybe wishful thinking.


I guess this is my greatest frustration as well. My previous most reliable weapon feeling like a slot machine. In H5 hearing perrrrfect felt like an accomplishment and now I just raise an eyebrow in confusion (both when getting the perfect or not registering a headshot after 4 shots) and move on lol.