Not Enough Maps???

I love this game, and I am a huge Halo fan, but Halo games never have enough maps. Most people play Slayer, and there are what 4 maps to chose from? This is not acceptable by today’s standards. I’m not much of a COD fan, but at least they have 10-15 maps for all game types. What do you all think?

last try for responses


games just come out give it time. there arent even any forge maps up yet on the new forgeworld type maps. Plus we have map pack coming in december so its not all that bad.
sure idlikemore maps who wouldnt but give it somtime game hasnt been out more than a week yet

Title updates will be occurring frequently and 343i have led us to believe that certain Forge created maps will be making appearances in the near future. You also have 3 map packs with the dates already announced coming up.

And as far as CoD goes, I would rather pay 343i for quality maps then play on the same camper infested and mediocre design CoD pushes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind CoD, but Halo is far superior in map design and prefer a game with a lower amount of maps that are well thought out than 20 maps with poor design.