NOT ENOUGH Maps In Each Playlist, 343 ReadNow

BTB/BT Skrimish only has 7 maps, Settler, Meltdown, Complex, Exile, Longbow, Vortex and Ragnarok. You can’t count the DLC maps in this list because even if you have DLC like I do, you rarely or never see DLC maps to vote for. The DLC maps were a complete waste of money because we can’t even play them anymore! I usually play Halo 4 for 2-3 hours in one session and never see a DLC map to vote for in any game mode.

Each playlist should have at least 10 different maps.

343 should make the wargames map packs free at this point. There should also be 5 smaller forge maps added to each playlist (all the same smaller maps in each playlist except BTB/Skirmish). BTB/BT Skirmish which only has 1 Forge map should also have 5 more larger maps should be added.

As for DLC maps, if 343 doesn’t make them free, there should at least be an option in each playlist that you can fill in so it only match makes you with DLC players and only DLC maps can be voted for. I would say at least 10-20% of the people in that playlist would be using that option at any one time.