Not enough love. Thank you 343...

I can’t tell you how many times I signed in to the Bungie forums, or even this one when Reach was taken over and added my two cents on what was the competitive state of the game. Halo Reach was riddled by an identity crisis, there were simply too many variables that had too much worth in the gameplay department. As much of a student I was with the DMR, it still could be random at times even with reduced Bloom. Some game types had reduced, others full and to boot some more with none. It was a mess that the average person could not get used to and I couldn’t blame them.

Finally, say what you will about the game, Halo 4 feels cleans again and I thank you for that. BR NEVER feels random, ever. If I get killed, I feel the other person out BR’d me, simple as that. Almost no randomness, something that made Reach excruciatingly frustrating. I’m also happy to see less game types as the community won’t be as split. Last but not least, thank God for making non-forge maps and actually taking the time to think out proper jump height architecture and such. Reach’s maps were laughably bad in comparison to other titles in the series.

Overall great job, now bring back doubles. :slight_smile:

343i put ¨join in progress¨ in regicide.

Proving, that they don’t care about any kind of balance.