Not enough DMR?!

Unlike what seems to be a lot of people, Reach was by far my favorite halo. Everything about it, besides armor lock, was just amazing. The color scheme they used was dark, yet colorful. The weapons felt right. The DMR made the game a thousand times better. I always felt that the dmr was a true skill weapon. With the battle rifle you can literally miss and accidentally pick up the kill… that bothers me. Especially in SWAT, a one shot one kill mode. Swat shouldn’t be a shoot on the right of the head as I move left and pick up the kill because WHY NOT! Swat should be, you shot the head and they died. The first person to hit wins. BTB has br starts. Most modes are either br or assault rifle and magnum. Can we please bring back dmr starts. The best modes in halo history were Halo: Reach, slayer pro. SLAYER PRO WAS AMAZING! Dear 343, please consider bringing in more modes with the dmr. I mean come on, why even consider putting in dmr skins if the skin is ONLY usable in WARZONE. It’s utterly depressing if you ask me. All I ask for, is more dmr. If you at least put the dmr in swat, I’ll stop complaining. I promise I’ll stop tweeting you guys every time I get killed by the innacurate magnum in swatnums. Imma just say it one last time… DMR!

Agreed, an make it easier to get in warzone, I swear it must be ultra uber extra legendary rare.

I agree, I miss the dmr, love the br, but the dmr is a classic too, wish they would add like slayer BR’s & slayer Dmr’s would be so dope!!