Not enough challanges

I completed all the weekly challanges in less than 12 hours of play. Can we get more daily challenges with some variety. Im pretty sure they said we wouldnt run out of challanges but here i am. Guess i can add it to the long list of broken promises.

And before anyone says it, the play one game challenge doesnt count… its only there becahse we said we wanted consistent level progress and even then its slower than the old system

Me two. And since the daily challenges are not rewarding at all, I’m off to play Mortal Shell until next week when the next batch of challenges arrive.

They should keep the weekly challenges as is, since increasing their number would just make it harder to get the reward for completing the weeklies.

It’s the daily challenges they should work on. Give us some XP for winning a certain amount of matches or getting a certain number of triple-kills, killing sprees, etc.