Not Enough Bots In Custom Games!

Why is is it that the most bots you can have is 4 bots on each game in Custom Games??


I can put 8 on the ffa team but I cant even get bots to spawn on the enemy team.

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Thats the problem. You Can’t Put 8 bots on each team!

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I can put 8 bots on each team in the settings (you have to keep going down past 4), but it doesn’t seem to spawn them all.

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Ya I know! You can select 8 bots but only 1 side will have 8 bots, The bottom line it needs to be fixed so you can have 8 bots on each team!

( Well 1 human and 7 bots on one team and 8 bots on the other team! )


Custom games in general seems to be broken.
I really hope they fix all of the problems it has soon after their vacation.

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I just tested it, making mods to my map to try different scenarios. There is no scenario that allows for me to put more than 8 bots into game play. It is restricted in every way.

When adding bots to a game, I feel the description is sketchy because it comes across as though the max number of bots per team is 8. But, its saying that the max number of total active bots in a single game cannot exceed 8, regardless of how many are on each team.

Side note: i can create more team spawns in my map. I have four team spawns in my map and each of those have two squads. Unfortunately, i cannot find a mode to accommodate 4 teams of 4-8 players. The spawns are there if it is ever possible.

My limited experience creating Forge Custom maps is that if there are not 16 spawn points set, then you will not get 16 players (2 teams with 8 players). I created my map with 16 spawn points. I’m going to go test a custom game with 8 players per team now and see if it works. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll even remember to reply to this to let you know if it worked. :laughing:

They are updating Bots in Season 3, and I believe we should be able to add more Bots at that time; as the game’s Gamemode options already suggests :slight_smile:

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