Not earning XP?

Hello, i would just like an answer for this.

So i was playing flood mode and when the game ended it just backed me out to the lobby screen, and didn’t give me any credits, so i thought it was just a glitch. So i went into forge and played for a few minutes and ended to see if it earned Xp, same thing, nothing. I though ti reached the Xp cap but i never got the message for it. Is this a Xp ban or something, cause i never got a message for that either.

P.S I haven’t been boosting,been afk or anything like that,i played a load of spartan ops before, but never went away from my controller.

Anybody? Just need an answer :slight_smile:

I have had the same problem for two days so far. I played 9 games of double exp spartan ops and then played some war games for a two day cycle. I think I leveled from 76 to 79 one time.

I was getting exp from my war games after using up my 9 double exp games on spartan ops and then it just stopped with warning. I played five games each ending without a credit reward screen or a warning that I had exceeded the cap which was especially annoying because I was 2,000 exp from lvl 80.

Ditto. Happened to me either three or four times already, starting to become a nuisance.

First time was when I was like… Maybe a single SPARTAN-Ops Game away from reaching Level Fifty, second time was when I was almost Level Fifty Seven (I think), again at Fifty Nine, and today at a single game from Sixty Six.

Like everyone else, I get no notifications prior to it. Nothing about the Experience Cap (Which I hit once somehow and received a notification on-screen), nor any kind of reason, and I don’t even end up seeing the post-game screen showing me I received no Experience, which, even after I’d hit the cap, it still showed me.

This, for me, is very much a game-breaking issue. In my personal opinion, the addition of an Experience Cap at all is absurd for a game. Don’t give me goals to attain then build such obstacles that prevent me from achieving them. The fact that such a thing exists that causes me to not even be able to gain experience to HIT the ridiculous cap is just insulting.

I’d very much like to hear what 343’s got to say about this matter, because frankly, when I mostly play at night and get blocked at one thirty in the morning, it’s pretty disappointing. I’m trying very hard to enjoy the game, but once you’ve set something like that in front of me, I don’t even want to keep playing.

This happened to me last night. Any info on it?