Not earning XP, never received message why.

In Matchmaking after the game is complete instead of loading my stats and giving me xp that screen is skipped entirely and I am put right back into matchmaking.

I don’t recall getting a message explaining a ban or anything of the sort, I wasn’t AFK and I doubt I hit the daily xp cap, as I only went from a level 49-50.

Says 884,480/884,480 XP under my avatar on career, is that relevant?

Any reason why this is happening?

To me this looks like you have maxed out the specialization that you have been doing.

At which Spartan Rank (“SR”) are you currently? If it is something like “50”, “60” or “70”, that means that you should just have reached maximum level of a specialisation.

Go to the specialisation section ingame and choose a new specialisation! Voila!

I hope that helped!

Thanks Vanille Eice!

Bill Brasky 022, let us know if the suggestions Vanille gave you help. =)

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