Not earning ANY CSR in Ranked for good performance but losing CSR for bad performance

Every time I come out of a ranked win with a positive k/d I earn nothing and in the post-game screen, it shows my rank as unavailable. I’m trying to grind to be closer to my friends rank so when we play together we end up with more balanced matches.

Please tell me how I received ZERO CSR in all of my games played yesterday but lost CSR on my two losses. This is VERY frustrating and unrewarding. Will the CSR I was supposed to earn eventually show up or is the rank system just currently completely broken?


It’s a known issue apparently:

“In Ranked Arena playlists, completed matches occasionally do not count toward your rank and will show no stats at the end of the match.”

Seems to have been more of an issue yesterday - happened to me twice last night too.

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Unfortunate. Playing 9 games and earning nothing for any of them totally killed the entire experience and made me want to avoid ranked entirely. Ranked modes in other games has worked perfectly for 10+ years. Dad 343i can’t even get this right.

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Yeah, it’s making me not want to play ranked either. I just rage quit after my 3rd ranked victory that didn’t count today.

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Same here. I’m not playing anymore for now. I dropped from D4 to D3 because of this.

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