Not difficulty in multiplayer

In multiplayer why are bots not just set to a level relative to the true skill of the teams if I’m in our multiplayer i should have a Spartan level bot. If I’m a bronze i should have a marine. Maybe with more levels you could tweak it and make perfectly balanced bots for any combinations across teams.

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That is quite complicated to code in I would bet.


Programming AI is hard and I doubt what you’re asking for could feasibly be done anytime soon.

They’re kinda in a weird place now anyways. The Spartan-level AI have impressive aim but terrible game sense.


Not really just use the same system (turSkill2) that they already use to match players and add in an AI with relatively similar skill. Balancing would be easier than code

Oh I meant it would be complicated for the members of 343 Industries.

To automate matching with AI difficulty to individual player skill in a dynamic way sounds tricky. But I do think allowing players to filter bot difficulty in Bot Bootcamp, or maybe just having a bot playlist for every difficulty of AI would be a good idea. That would be a great way to let players ramp up their difficulty over time as they gain proficiency.