Not Credit/banned but not getting credits and challenges not syncing

Not capped either, not banned, not reset nothing like that.

This happens to me sometimes Ill play a game then get paid but they wont total up. The total doesnt change then I sign out and sign back in and then it changes but not to the correct amount.


One FF match roughly 5,000 credits

My amount 217499

After signing in then out


Any ideas and again not capped I just started playing today.

The second problem is the servers dont sync. my challenges properly sometimes they will all the completely reset then half way through the game reset back to what I had. Any ideas?

I can’t really tell if it’s related, but I’ve experienced that the servers that store player information are really slow the last few days. I turn on the console, sign in, start Reach, and it takes up to a whole minute to load the info about my rank, my credit total, challenge progress, and so on.

It also takes some time to update challenge progress while playing. For example, the “kill 15 enemies while jetpacking” challenge didn’t update. I had already killed 15 enemies while jetpacking and had switched to sprint, and the little pop-up message telling me that I’ve completed the challenge appeared about two minutes later.

Maybe your problem stems from the same issue, i.e. something going on with the servers?

yeah, it only take 30 seconds for my rank and info to load but iv’e been experiencing the same problems.

I have also experianced things like my credits actually going backwards and reducing to the original amount before the game.

Its so weird. :confused: