Not authorized

Hey, so i got my code yesterday for the flight test this weekend, now when I get to the start screen it tells me im not authorized when my code was specifically for steam. I verified all my info, and did almost everything people on google said to do. i dont know if i was given a duplicate code or what. can someone help me please i want to play this dang flight test tomorrow, and would like to do the academy training asap.

having the same issue someone please help lol

same :frowning:

The flight isn’t live yet.

It opens up tomorrow, the servers are on hold at the moment for everyone. Unfortunately that also means Academy, Weapon Drills, and Training Mode

Last week’s flighting opened up the game Thursday evening, as I assume it will again this week.
Matchmaking officially launches tomorrow morning.

#HaloInfinite Tech Preview update!
Our Test team is checking everything one last time. If all goes well, we’ll begin the Release Management process. This will prompt another small update for folks on PC to help with yesterday’s patch. After that, we’ll open access for Academy :facepunch:

Jon Junyszek/Twitter @5:24pm PT

The “Not authorized” message that appears is because the flight is currently offline and not scheduled to start until sometime in the evening, west coast time [PST]. An exact time has not been released yet.

If you are still experiencing this issue after the flight goes live, check that you are on the correct account or your account isn’t logged in anywhere else.