Not all games showing up in War Games lobby?

Hey guys - I started Halo multiplayer a little late…

Whenever I start up Wargames, I see in the lobby Slayer, Dominion, Regicide, etc. games.

BUT I don’t see games like Oddball, Extraction, or King of the Hill.

Is this a glitch or a map pack thing?

I have the Crimson and Majestic map packs (not War Games Pass).


Sounds like youre in the fallback hoppers. It should come back to normal soon for you.

Oddball and KOTH are in team objective now.

Extraction gets its own playlist in Monday.

As posted above, Oddball and King of the Hill have received slight improvements and are now available in Team Objective. Extraction will be featured this coming Monday in its very own playlist - be sure to check it out!