Not a problem with the game until now.

Wow, I was enjoying this game to the max now i’m not hear to complain about the maps, campaign or infinity it self, I find this is one of the best Halo’s to date (compared to reach in how it runs etc.) But I am just wanting to talk one thing about the players you match up with in Spartan OPs.

Now usually I would get setup with some good guys, we all get our good share of kills and finish the mission within 9 to 11 minutes. On the Gangarin (sorry if that’s not it) can’t remember the exact name. I’m assuming there is a glitch at the end, at the end the cutscene played but it went back to showing the rock with the grass on it, and the sound of someone killing our Spartans, followed with that teabagging sound on the body/ground. So basically I lost my 5Kxp for some guy who glitched it I guess?

Has anyone had this happen, because I don’t find it fair at all…

Mate the game is riddled with glitche it’s total bs