Not a great start really

Hi all, new to this forum format, been playing Halo since it started though.

Well, this multiplayer isn’t off to a great start is it? Already found some pain in the butt issues. We have three people in this house that have PCs with Halo Infinite and have all found:

Onscreen menu key labels stay on Keyboard labelling when you want to use a controller. Doesn’t help matters.

CANNOT get us into a multiplayer as a fireteam, in that we pair up and play Custom games for practice, which works, but it will NOT let any more than one of us join the same multiplayer. It starts to “load” for everyone, then chucks out members of the fireteam leaving one joining. What’s the point of that? I know it should work but really? Have they even tested this properly before they released it? So far we’ve not had any fireteam joining a multiplayer and have stopped playing this trash as a result.

Seriously not impressed with the glowing enemy outline either, you can spot and snipe from the furthest reaches of the universe which makes the gameplay quite naff. I think those who have speculated that if you change the armour colours to Blue or Red (like Arena or WZ in H5) then the company wouldn’t make as much money from in game purchases etc, and I think they’re most likely correct. That just sucks I’m afraid. I know it’s free, but again really?

I honestly never thought I’d hear myself being a moaning gamer, but so far this has been a fail I’m sorry to say.
Earlier this evening I had my fellow fireteam player say “sod this I’m playing something else”, which I reckon if this is the way Halo Infinite multiplayer is going to pan out I’m doing the same.

So far a resounding cross between a “meh” for gameplay and a “fail” fireteam multiplayer for us here.

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Holy cack, sorry to repost on my own thread, but driving a warthog? What on Halo have they done with that? It’s not even like an olde arcade game physics, it’s utterly wack…

Just no.