Not 5 days into S2 and 343 is already rotating duplicate daily shop items

How devoid of content do you have to be to loop something in the shop not even a week after the season launch?
I was really hoping 343 would do a better job this go around of putting up new and fresh items in the daily slot. I knew we wouldn’t go a full six months without duplicates but I’m ASTONISHED that it only took 5 days for them to start. Ridiculous

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The reason why is so you dont miss out if you weren’t on for a specific day. I personally think the daily shop should be replaced with a larger weekly shop that just shows all the items for sale that week. Needing to check every day to see if there’s something new is an insult to my time and it’s a poor business practice as if i missed a day with something i would have bought, now 343 wont get my money because they made it so cryptic to get the thing.


I’m pretty sure the devs aren’t picking what shows up which day, its likely all handled by RNG.

This is how they do it, they release a new batch every month, repeat everything like mad during that month (a week’s worth of item listed four times each) then they move on to a new batch and never release any of the previous items ever again.

Also there were several highly priced dailies released in the game’s first months that just never came back, and might never come back due to their high prices (due to their existence before store prices were lowered). I’m hoping the 1k dailies come back as weeklies at some point but to be perfectly honest I expect nothing from season 1 will ever be sold again.

Items in the shop that were showed early on in season 1 DID return around the last couple months and they returned with lower prices. (likely because they didn’t sell well, but it could have been an “end of the season” discount thing.)

It is not RNG, the items in the shop are scheduled to come out on certain days. They intentionally have the daily items repeat over the week for those who missed it the first time.

Clippy can stay on the Shop for all Seasons. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

So will the Lechuza set come back into the rotation at some point?

If they rotate it’s pathetic lack of content.

If they don’t rotate it’s FOMO.

They can’t win…

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