Normal Grenade throwing

Why does the A.I.'s throw grenades like little kids? They only throw them hard when catch is on and legendary.

WHY don’t they throw fast!? it is so pathetic.

Are you having issues beating it?

I have it all beaten on Legendary it wasn’t too tough.
I’m saying why don’t the chuck the grenades like they did on every other halo?

No idea. I never found friendly AI to be helpful. I gave a AI guy a Binary Rifle to help me and the AI taunt setting got me killed three times cause he missed the dead Covie body and shot me. SO i took it away from him and never really cared if they helped much.

Never trusted any AI in any game.

Wait… why are you even complaining if there is an option in the game that fixes what you think is bad about it?

I don’t understand your logic…

Let’s face it. AI’s are usually stupid. And do not know how to throw them properly.