Nooby or not

Ok i had a match with a player who beat me in slayer pro custom 1v1 but the score was 1-5 However I only used the DMR and he used the DMR grenade launcher and shotgun along with normal grenades, the map was swordbase i said pinnical.The match started with him killing me with a shotgun as i went up the green lift 0-1 then i was on the fround and cought him on the walkway and beat him in a long ranged DMR fight 1-1 then the killed me with the grenade launcher from the longest walkway 1-2 as I went into the floor above the red lift room he falls from the floor above and killes mw with the shotgun and again in the same spot only I came the room above the one he regualrly came from, if this doesnt make sence i came from the room opposate from the green lift room via walkway. 1-4 finally he gets me in a corner throws a grenade then headshots me. so is the fight nooby or not? Id say it is since i never even used anything but a dmr even tho I did have a choice to use a shotgun.

Not going to call it nooby, because if I am to take the assumed terms of the battle into account, you never said he couldnt use anything he could get his hands on.

If anything, you were the one being noobish because you refused to use anything you could get your hands on today.

How is not camping with the shotgun nooby again?

How is not setting a specific set of rules in place not common sense?

Either way, not going to get into a fight with ya just because you couldnt deal with a single camper.

Id figure being a total noob would be common sence when playing.

You never… EVER… go up that lift… lol… Its there to go up. Sure! … For people who don’t understand camping with the sword/shotgun on Sword Base. To beat a camper, you must be a camper. Now if you had stomped him with just the DMR, then yea, he’s a ‘noob’ or unskilled, or whatever you want to call it. But if I’m going to 1v1 someone and they don’t specify… darn right i’m going to pick up a power weapon. Call a rematch and make it SWAT! You just have to realize camping will always be in Halo. C’mon. They gave us Active Camo… that screams Camper!

Personally, I like to camp and wait for people to run past me while i’m moving in Camo and assassinate them. Not my fault they don’t pay attention to the blur or the fact the red dots on the radar are ALL Red circles, instead of grayed out, or red Triangles. Off topic but just sayin. :slight_smile: