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I’ve noticed a lot of people calling other guys on Halo noobs just because they aren’t as good as they are. So what? Is it bad they have a life outside of their Xbox? Is it bad they don’t jerk off to DMRs? If you said yes to any of these questions, f*** off nerd! Seriously, “hardcore gamers?” More like “spoiled f*ing teenagers who can’t get off their aes.” If you just enjoy playing Halo without calling people noobs, then don’t worry about all of this.

Krypto out.

If I were you, I would edit my post. The Mods might not like it.

OT I understand where you are coming from. I am “hardcore” in the sense that I play a lot, but I do not act like an -Yoink!-hole. I eventually stopped using my mic in game chat because the people were very unpleasant.

Surprisingly, many will tell you they love trash talking. Apparently, it is enjoyable to devolve into a 12 year old and scream at strangers. It is enjoyable to make racial slurs, homophobic remarks, treat others as lesser beings and to demand that others commit suicide. I hardly play online games by myself now because of people like this.

While gamers who insult others for being less skilled than them is undoubtedly poor sportsmanship and outright rude, coming onto a forum just to insult those who insult others isn’t doing anyone any favors. I understand its frustrating, but there will always be ignorant people out there. This is not the appropriate way to deal with them. With that said, I’m locking this topic as I don’t see any constructive conversation coming about.

In the future, try phrasing things differently as this could have been a constructive discussion.